Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning — conversations with your kin

Advance Care Planning is about having the all-important conversation with your family about your end-of-life wishes. It’s about legally ensuring your final wishes are respected. I think of it as an act of generosity to those we leave behind us, to take the worry from them in making decisions on your behalf. Your Advance Care Plan is a formal and legal process that allows you to designate representatives to manage your legal affairs and to ensure your wishes regarding your end-of-life treatment are respected and carried out. Having completed Advance Care Planning training, I am able to help with the important and challenging conversations you may need to have with your family, friends and those you formally designate to manage your end-of-life decisions. This may help with any important decisions you may need to discuss with your doctors and other health professionals. To find out more about Advance Care Planning, please visit the website.  


Advance Care Planning does not advocate, nor allow for any form of assisted dying treatment. It is a formal way to start the key conversations about how you want your end-of-life situation managed, subject to informed medical advice and within the law in your state or territory.