Same-sex marriages are legal in Australia.
Marriage equality is something we have long fought for, demonstrating that our richly diverse LGBTIQA+ communities can come together to achieve our right to ‘have a place at the table’.

your ceremony, your special day

Are you looking for a ceremony that is creative, tasteful and respects your life choices?

Your wedding is the day that you share the love and commitment
you have as a couple with your dearest family and friends .

My guiding principle is that your wedding day will be a day you will always remember.
Your ceremony should reflect that your marriage marks the point from which your lives change together.

Nick Tolhurst, music and performance
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your ideal ceremony

Using my extensive experience as a writer and musician I will help translate your dreams into your ideal wedding ceremony. 
On the day, I will bring my experience as a performer, public broadcaster and presenter 
to ensure your ceremony is fully witnessed and enjoyed by everyone.

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I welcome your questions about the wedding process, how I work with couples, the legalities, my fee and my available dates.

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marriage certificate

I can also provide a professionally printed Marriage Certificate, with the type matching the official Certificate.

See an example here:

other ceremonies

There are important occasions in our lives we like to mark with special ceremonies, such as:

As a professional writer I will listen to your story and help you create a ceremony, or a speech that captures the magic of your celebration. If you need confidence in giving a speech, I can provide coaching and support to ensure you enjoy your special moment in the spotlight.

For more information about my work as a coach and writer, please visit