Advance Funeral Planning

Advance Funeral Planning

Plan your own funeral and you can be sure you will be remembered as the person you are in life. With all your preferred arrangements in place, you can take the stress off your family and loved ones and give everyone a celebration they know comes from your own heart.

You may have a pre-paid funeral plan, however does your plan exactly reflect how you want your funeral to be? A pre-paid funeral doesn’t always ensure your wishes will be met if those wishes haven’t been made clear.

Planning ahead for a complete ceremony allows you set down your wishes and also to make alterations over time.

Thinking about your end of life circumstances is a challenge. My contribution is to create a comfortable space, to enable you to discuss your wishes and uncertainties and to plan how you want to be remembered.

Together we will develop a complete ceremony—words, music and any images. I will help you make formal arrangements to lodge it with your solicitor. It is also important to discuss your arrangements with your next of kin, so they know you have prepared everything in advance for them.